Values & Priorities

They are our values and priorities that motivate and lead us to inspiring ideas, improved relations with clients and highest effectiveness.

Every client is unique

Every client is our VIP. We pride on treating you and your cases uniquely and with utmost care. We are passionate about achieving the best result for you, fitting your needs and specific circumstances.

Being approached by banking clients specifically in non-standard cases which are not supported by case law and/or require an innovative attitude, we neither rely on a boiler-plate documentation nor on foreign-law influenced documents, but rather concentrate on the specifics of the case, your needs and the applicability of the suggested solution in your business practice as well as enforceability in front of local courts.

Our partners focus on clients

Unbeaten quality of services and your satisfaction are our highest priorities. Individual partner's involvement in every case provides for the paramount quality of the outcome. In our sincere belief this is the only way how to fully satisfy client's expectations and maintain topmost level of service.

Small big firm

The size of our firm is the result of careful and long-term consideration based on our confidence the quality of services is not directly proportional to firm's size. We believe personal attitude to the client supported by shared experience will bring you the best you can expect from your advisor.