Success in representing ČSOB Factoring, a.s in proceedings before the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic

A legal team from DUNOVSKÁ & PARTNERS represented successfully ČSOB Factoring, a Client in proceedings at the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic for a payment exceeding CZK 38 million. The litigation in which the law firm defended the validity of the contractual condition relating to termination of effectiveness of the cession of claims has been ongoing since 2006. It was also complicated since the original claimant was a bankruptcy trustee who had sold the alleged claim at public auction and the claim had been repeatedly assigned to foreign entities. The firm used its extensive litigation experience to obtain a court deposit of several million CZK from the British Virgin Islands-based plaintiff in order to cover legal costs. In execution the law firm enforced that all litigation costs of the Client were fully covered from the deposit. The lead of the DUNOVSKÁ & PARTNERS’ legal team was Jan Vavřina.