Banking & Finance

  • Model and project documentation for various types of banking and financial transactions
  • Operational, investment and project financing
  • Bills of exchange law
  • Leasing, factoring, forfeiting, tolling
  • Security instruments in accordance with the New Civil Code focusing on creditor's rights
  • Risk credits, restructuring of credit relations (see Bankruptcy/Insolvency & Financial Restructuring)
  • Banking regulations and supervision, regulation of financial market and payment systems

Litigation & Arbitration

  • Commercial contract disputes, construction complaints
  • Bill of exchange disputes
  • Investment disputes
  • IT projects disputes
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Representation in Bankruptcy/Insolvency proceedings and ensuing lawsuits
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Debt collection
  • Mediation, out-of-court settlements
  • Disputes with public authorities

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Acquisition and sale of companies
  • Acquisition of single assets or groups of assets (enterprises, receivables, real estate and/or movable assets)
  • Due diligence for acquisition transactions
  • Restructuring of corporate entities
  • Merger, transformation, change of legal form
  • Increase or decreases of registered capital
  • Sale or lease of enterprise

IT, Intellectual Property, Media

  • Contracts for supply of IT systems
  • Licence agreements
  • Software implementation and maintenance agreements
  • Registering, protecting and exercising rights with respect to intangible assets (trademarks, patents, domains, etc.)
  • Projects for TV and radio broadcasts
  • Resolution of disputes regarding IT projects

Insolvency &
Financial Restructuring

  • Risk credit analysis, solutions and restructuring of credit relationships
  • Standstill agreements, security pool agreements
  • Representation in bankruptcy/Insolvency proceedings and creditor committees
  • Application of claims and disputes ensuing from insolvency proceedings
  • Advisory in Bankruptcy/Insolvency proceedings and pre-Bankruptcy/Insolvency phase
  • Sale and capitalization of receivables
  • Debt collection

Corporate Law,
Contract Law

  • General legal advisory
  • Support for company management
  • Establishment and transformation of corporate entities
  • Shareholder relations and relations within holding structures
  • Preparation or review of contracts in commercial relations
  • Contract for supply of IT systems, supply of investment units, construction contracts
  • Administration of business shares, representation of shareholders at general meetings
  • Securities transactions (issuance, sales, options, pledges, repo - operations)

Real Estate

  • Transfers of real estate
  • Development and construction projects
  • Construction and engineering contracts
  • Pre-emption rights, liens and easements
  • Real estate leases
  • Land restitution
  • Proceedings before the Land Registry, research in the Land Registr